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Was the home of the national model worker

Date: 2016-01-08

Shanxi Province hotel industry: at the beginning of the New Year, there was good news, shanxi hotel won the all-china federation of trade unions awarded "the home of the national model worker" title of honor, is in more than 30 provinces in the country of the competition is one of the seven model units, is also the only company in the hotel industry in Shanxi Province units to receive the honour.
On January 16, 2014 in the morning, Shanxi Province, vice President of federation of trade unions, finance and trade textile tobacco trade union chairman Mr Wang, a vice chairman hai-liang wu of three people came to the hotel in shanxi, on behalf of the national federation of trade unions will be the home of the "national model worker" plaque awarded to the hotel.Liu Shunping Shanxi Province economic and trade group co., LTD. General manager, vice secretary of party committee, the trade union chairman 闫保安, party committee director of essence 闫晓东 ceremony, attended by brand, shanxi Han Fenglan hotel general manager, trade union chairman xiao-tian wang and other management personnel participated in the ceremony of short answer card.
Ceremony, Mr Wang on behalf of the national federation of trade unions and the trade union federation of trade unions of shanxi, Shanxi Province hotel work given the affirmation, she pointed out that under the spring tide of market economy, the hotel can resist impact, pays special attention to the worker to spiritual civilization construction, make the guest services, maintain a good business performance, hotel to guarantee workers rights and interests, to provide staff play skills platform, enrich their cultural life, over the years, the hotel industry for Shanxi Province created many first, worthy to receive this honor.She wants to continue in the future, completes the leadership, to now stepped all over the spirit of the record.
Liu Shunping chaired the meeting and delivered a speech, emphasizing the shanxi hotel live up to higher level trade union organizations of the trust and support, to strengthen the home of the "national model worker" title of honor, let honor plaque turns into power, comprehensively promote the hotel management work and the worker's cultural life and the spiritual civilization construction, the hotel into the eternal home of model worker.
Xiao-tian wang from leadership attaches great importance to, worker rights, democracy, difficult support staff, build enterprise culture atmosphere, were the first to fight for their master did report from several aspects.Han Fenglan do us, said the hotel up to expectations, and continue to do good for the worker, does the practical work, reflect the harmonious hotel, do a good job in the hotel, socially responsible, responsible for the enterprise, the home of the "national model worker" honor.