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When tender meets passion, for thriving immediately

Date: 2016-01-08

On February 14, 2014, the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the Chinese traditional performance coincides with the western valentine's day.This great business opportunities, natural hold various merchants.Hotel in shanxi, and its operation was closely related to the warmth of the Lantern Festival and a romantic valentine's day, launched a series of hospitality projects.
Western restaurant/of 198 yuan, 318 yuan/western-style meal and then give love chocolate, with roses decorated restaurant, drew are swarming boys and girls.Match well of Chinese and western buffet dinner (only 159 yuan/the day two) also according to seasonal changes, accordingly increase the varieties, especially gold meters liao, ribs and other main courses, more coveted, any restaurant in hotel in shanxi, can taste the delicious dumplings.When soft smacked into the element of passion, the market reaction to, of course, the western restaurant of the fifteenth day of the restaurant has been booked in three days ago.Reserve rate reached 120%, even on the night, people came to shanxi hotel dining, appeared the phenomenon of queue waiting, even adjacent tea full of guests.
Not only that, the whole year of the horse during the Spring Festival, is also booming.According to shanxi hotel food and beverage director introduces, the store carefully prepared a few family banquet is given priority to with family dinner consumers of monologues, from thirty to people, the Chinese restaurant all the rooms is full, the hall has the phenomenon of turn table, almost every day and other departments, such as sales rooms and f&b jointly launched a series of activities, also has received the good effect.According to statistics, shanxi hotel is the first week in the New Year sales have a certain degree of increase than the same period last year.This cannot leave the employee's dedication, he (she) who abandons the family reunion, despite everyone's prosperity, passion to work in their respective positions, for the majority of guests to provide a series of thoughtful services, ushered in the start.