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Quality service in the innovation

Date: 2016-01-08

365 in action, "" high quality service, is in Shanxi Province hotel early this year put forward a slogan, on the surface is to require the concept of hotel staff will wholeheartedly service for the guest to carry out to every day, in fact, it is a new hotel in shanxi during the period of deepening the reform of management, adjust the market structure of a horn, its meaning lies in innovation.
Not long ago, in Shanxi Province economic and trade investment holding group co., LTD., chairman of Li Hong hotel in Shanxi Province, points out that when a group advantage enterprise, shanxi hotel should seek improvement in stability, play the advantages of 25 years to form, to create business characteristic brand;To have the courage to bear, and promote reform and innovation in the employing mechanism, distribution mechanism, constraint mechanism and so on bold innovation;People-oriented, vigorously promotes the team construction, and build a good team.
We know that the hotel service quality to a certain degree, will meet a common development bottleneck, namely how to create new in daily work.Competition is intense, let people realize the importance of service quality hotel, we put forward "quality service", "satisfied service" and "personalized service" concept, but in the concrete measures are mostly the same hotel practice,.So, how to use the hotel service innovation to satisfy more customers, becomes the important topic.
How to innovate?We believe that we should strive to at least the following several aspects:
A need to design and innovation
We need to innovative design through targeted services, such as: adhering to let a guest "sleep well everyday" vision, starting from the focus on the core needs of customers, continuously consolidate on product and service process design innovation, is committed to offering our customers the environmental, health and convenient, more humanized hotel service quality;Also provides rich connotation of the jobs of environment and interesting activities, in terms of product innovation, through high-quality staff and after-sales service, with your heart to the guests to create the experience of satisfaction and surprise, to give guests leave deep memory to remember.
Second, the innovation needs to be touched
Show originality on the details of the service, make the guest feel our service is specially tailored for him.In adhere to the standards and norms, on the basis of on the details of the service we want to bold innovation, in order to make the services better meet the needs of the guests.Reflect true innovation, is the key to win the guest satisfaction.Over the years, shanxi hotel on the guest services, adhere to the principle of press close to, in close to, service in detail, from the most tiny link, piercing, is often reflects the true feelings in the service, such as the waiter brought the guest shoeshine, wash your socks and so on, refer to the dribs and drabs bring pleasantly surprised to guests, increase the loyalty of the guests to the hotel and hotel brand reputation.
Three, innovation requires personalization
As in the high-end service industry, we must first understand the guests, effective communication with the guests, to grasp the mindset of the guests.Such as southeast Asia customers pay more attention to safety, the European and American male guest pay more attention to bath equipment, the European and American women guests pay more attention to toilet sanitary quality, the bathroom will not tolerate a little hair, and so on.We should like to treat a friend to understand and pay attention to the guests, the humanized service into the equipment maintenance and daily management and keen insight to the guest.
Fourth, innovation needs to improve
With the increase of the modern material life, the guest for the quality of life more and more attention and pay attention to, especially high-end customers pay more and more attention to health and health preservation, hotel chef on a regular basis to the customer in the form of a dietitian launched "health food" food varieties, let a guest personally participate in health food production experience, let the customer insight into the health knowledge, to create different service experience.
Where there is life, there is more than innovation
This year, shanxi hotel founded into its 25th year, new opportunities ahead.Although we also face the external environment is not optimistic, however, a internal work, warriors in depth of innovative services to attract guests, by word of mouth of brand strength to rebuild customer trust, work attentively, generalize, sharing the common with the guest, we will be able to achieve early to determine the objectives, let this brand of shanxi hotel!