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Firm faith Cheer up Hard work Entering the New Year -- -- -- -- -- - shanxi hotel to carry out the new series of activities

Date: 2016-01-08

Age at the beginning of the end, in order to further arouse the staff enthusiasm of wuxi, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, rich cultural life of employees, for the coming New Year, shanxi hotel party working group has organized viewing and winter outdoor activities.
In the depths of winter, cold, proverb says: "do not move to 1929", but in shanxi hotel but never a flicker of a frozen decadent, have a plenty of laughter, excitement that momentum.
On December 29, but passion, shanxi hotel orientation groups tug-of-war, relay race was held in the staff area.When each player lined up playing their general manager Han Fenglan impromptu speech, very pointed out that in the face of market upheaval, the difficult of the industry, our hotel shanxi person with strong will, high morale, fighting spirit, the courage to walk the line, to meet the arrival of the lunar New Year, new challenges...This competition is to make people perceive our strength.
Two-way tug-of-war, the competitors don't fight, a line of division of the hercules spoiling of relief, strive to win;Second-line department not to be outdone, desire and epigenetic compete, you heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, listen to all power in a password setting, after a few times for, composed of security, department of life, and at united win the title.
If, tug-of-war show strength and team spirit, head on relay is the speed and the tacit understanding, call rang and the players all the body as light as yan, toward the end, the handover bar is adept, embodies the you daily work in the form of tacit understanding.In the end, the sales discount named.The court, the players so daring, the entire audience tried to scream but also full of passion.
A whole afternoon, the imposing manner, the scene, the laughter, as if in shanxi hotel people shout loudly and the New Year.
Wednesday afternoon, red film regiment campaign in the multi-function hall, this is the hotel main melody for the second time to arrange the employee to watch movie, all employees feel with the contemporary Chinese people unite as one, work hard the glory days.As Han Fenglan pointed out, a variety of series of activities, make all staff the power of intelligence and passion together effectively, which broke out in an unstoppable force, this force can be cleared up any obstacles in its path, to meet a more brilliant tomorrow.